Mid-America Dynamics provides solutions to machinery and process control problems. We are a small company, allowing us to offer flexible services with low overhead costs. Because we have experienced staff on hand, we can provide you with consistent, reliable service on short notice.

Mid-America Dynamics is a full service company. Our consultants are routinely retained by companies in solving complex engineering dynamics problems for our clients. All of Mid-America's consultants have extensive experience in the power generation industry.

Machinery Vibration Analysis

Pinpoint the cause of rotating equipment problems and find cost effective solutions. Our staff has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of applications.


Field balancing of all types of rotating machinery using state-of-the-art software and instrumentation. Our engineers are balancing experts!

Predictive Maintenance

Improve machinery reliability and provide advance warning of potential problems. Reduce downtime and unnecessary maintenance – prevent secondary damage.

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring and maintaining the health of turbine generators and other large rotating machinery is vital. Mid-America Dynamics is involved in the installation of new systems as well as upgrades to existing systems.

Modal Test & Analysis

This vital information is used to determine resonance and deflection of structures, machinery, and equipment components. If mechanical resonance is a problem, Mid-America Dynamics can also work with your engineers to find the solution.

Training Programs

Training programs are custom fitted to your needs and include classroom and field training components. We can provide introductory training for new employees or advance/refresher courses for existing employees who are ready to learn more.

Laser Alignment

The fastest and most accurate method of coupling alignment to get your machines back up and running. Laser alignment complements our machinery vibration analysis and balancing services. Documentation includes tables listing vibration values and vibration spectra.

Thermal Growth Studies

Using a continuous monitoring system we can observe changes that occur throughout the machinery's range of operating conditions. Mid-America Dynamics' engineers work with you to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Strain Gauge Installation & Monitoring

A non-intrusive means of determining stress, torque, pressure and force in hard-to-monitor situations. Our testing expertise will enable you to solve these problems.

Acoustic Studies

Octave band noise data is acquired and local environmental noise regulations are reviewed to make recommendations on existing noise problems or potential noise issues on new construction.

Infrared Inspection & Thermal Imaging

We utilize state-of-the art tools and techniques to perform these IR surveys, often delivering significant cost savings due to equipment failure prevention.