Laser Alignment

Maintenance supervisors know that when machines are down and production losses are growing, laser-alignment is the fastest and most accurate method of coupling alignment. Our staff has performed laser-alignments on machinery ranging from 75-hp motor-pump sets to 8000-hp motor-driven centrifugal compressors.

Laser-alignment complements our machinery vibration analysis and balancing services. When practical, baseline vibration data are recorded from machinery following alignment. Tables listing vibration values, and vibration spectra are included in our written report. This report also documents the as-found and as-left alignment values, and the shim changes and horizontal moves at each machinery foot.

Our laser-alignment capabilities include:
  • Use of alignment "target" values for vertical and horizontal offset and angularity values.
  • Calculation of target offset and angularity values when they are unknown. This is done by laser-aligning machinery "cold," and then starting the machine and running it until operating temperatures are reached. The laser is quickly set up, and "hot" alignment values are recorded. The machine is then realigned in this condition, and the alignment changes are documented for future reference. When this machine or a similar machine needs alignment again, the target values can be used when the "cold" alignment is performed.
  • Measurements of "soft-foot," or vertical movement of machine feet when mounting bolts are loosened. This condition can cause great difficulty if not recognized and corrected.
  • Real-time display of horizontal correction value required while horizontal moves are being made. This feature cuts down greatly on the number of moves required, which saves time.
  • Alignment of shafts that are separated by spool pieces up to 12 feet in length.